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Thermal insulation covers

INCOVERS are used by our customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and China. The end users of our thermal insulation covers are for instance CONTINENTAL group, MAGNETI MARELLI and Festo. We also supply our products to a German manufacturer of plastics machines. 

Through hardened screws

HPT screw series is produced from specially developed tool steel and thanks to the precise heat treatment it meets demanding requirements for modern polymers processing. Tool steel supplied by the leading European producer of steel with key alloy elements such as chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium comply with requirements for manufacturing and application at high speed, high pressure, high wear, high temperature and combination of all these conditions. 

Bimetallic PTA screws

Bimetallic screws are ideal for productions where long screw life is needed and where higher wear level occurs due to the influece of abrasive ingredients. Especially suitable for extruder screws for plastics recycling, rubber screws and screws that manufacture products with recyclate additives. Bimetallic screws are not suitable for processing materials filled with glass fibre.

Nitrided screws

Nitrided screws are suitable thanks to their feautures mainly for extrusion applications and in applications where plastics filled with abrasion additives are not processed. Nitrided screws are manufactured on the basis of long-term expert knowledge in the field of designing and R&D.

Check valves and accessories

Production of nitrided, through hardened, PVD coated check valves and other accessories such as tie bars, barrel heads ..

Bimetallic barrels

Production of bimetallic barrels for demanding applications with increased wear risk when processing materials with abrasive content, high working pressure or as a result of chemical action. 

Nitrided barrels

Production of barrels made of nitriding materials for applications where materials without abrasive additives are used. 

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